Saturday, August 18, 2007

To The Reader

To The Reader

I haven’t a clue
Who I’m speaking to
Nor concern
Where these verses are leading.
But it’s worthy to mention
And draw your attention
To the fact
That you seem to keep reading.

Though we’ve never met
Nor spoken as yet
I believe
You will soon get the gist;
That whether you know it
Or not, I’m a poet
And literal

From my fingertips
Without moving my lips
I convey
What I want you to hear;
As they say “It’s your dime”
And I’m spending your time
Just to brag
On myself in your ear.

You’ve really no choice
For I’ve taken your voice;
To read on
Is to listen to me…
There’s power in the poet
Like a hand in your throat
That swallows
The words that you see.

Does it leave you offended?
Your pride’s been upended;
We’ll never
Sip tea and be chummy…
But, with me that’s all good,
Drinking ruins the wood;
And I’ll need you again
…as the dummy.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2007

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