Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Upon Graduating

Upon Graduating

I hope for you a considered life
In increasing measure.
I hope for you joy in vocation. Calling.


I hope for you, perhaps above all things,

I hope for you, prosperity.

The kind that does not trust in money.

I hope for you peace.
The kind that does not depend upon anything

Outside your body. What they call “inner”.

I wish you affluence, based on influence.
I hope for you a life of self-actualization.

I hope that you learn truth as a process.

Your knowledge tentative, capable of displacement.

May regret be the last “r” word in your vocabulary.

I wish you to never harm anyone else.
I wish you recovery, from harm that comes to you.

Joy from a kiss.
Joy from pushing a child on a swing, or throwing

Water balloons.
I wish you a rumpled collar, from time to time.

Bleary, teary eyes, and work.
I hope you no laziness.
A kitten in hand, kissed.
I wish you bills that are paid in full.
And a funeral well-attended.

Aspen leaves, whispering.
And you, hearing.
A life well-done.
A considered one.

Life considered, I hope for you.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008

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