Sunday, June 15, 2008

we grow up

we grow up

when I was a kid it would rain and earthworms
would come from somewhere and be everywhere.
by the thousands at the drains, my sister and I
would run as the rainbow came out to the curbs
and gather them, worms for the helpless taking.

in our hands, a living spaghetti of fun would coil
and fret, as we laughed, kneeling. no conquering
knight proud of plunder ever rejoiced as we did
after a thunder. and I wonder, I will tell you what
it is I wonder. I ask where have the worms gone.

tonight I walked home in a downpour and I felt
my entire childhood a farce, a false history. there
are no worms in the curbs, drifting anywhere and
no one running. sadder still, if worms in squiggly
mountains squirmed, even I would keep walking.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008

1 comment:

Soph said...

I want to meet the man who can write such poetry as appears on this blog.
I want him to say every one of these poems into my eager ear.

I want him to sing to me as the ocean sounds around us and tne moon beams down and mermaids splash and laugh and sing backups to his clear melodies.

For it is obvious: this is a poet whose pilgrim soul is pure.