Monday, October 27, 2008



I will walk you, I will love you.
I will kiss your trees, roots to branch.
I will savor the flavors of Pagliacci’s
with my love. Together we will browse Munro’s
followed by a diet-ending visit to Murchie’s.
A stroll along the harbor, drinks at Charles Dickens
or The Sticky Wicket. Endless are the joys
you bestow, Victoria.
That same night we will tell certain buskers
to get a real job, and throw change to others.
Laughing, let me thank you in advance.
Yes. Yes. I’ll bring an umbrella.
No. No. We will.
We will walk love kiss
savor you,

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2008

1 comment:

soph said...

She is calling you.
Luring you like a siren Sneaking into your deepest dreams and your subconscious.
She has been wanting you ever since you wrote so lovingly of her... Victoria. A city cannot resist a poet's tribute. (She is in love with you. . . That is her "secret".)