Friday, December 23, 2011

Open Concept


Open Concept

Life. It succeeds at every attempt to throw
itself at yourself. I remember now, initially
advocating that modicum of privacy.
A keeping of one's things to one's self, with
minimal reference to architectural theory.
You finally nodded to those partitions
the many hard walls I suggested best.
Forbidden grounds, protecting better ideas.

How I wish I was silent, that you had spoken
sooner. And I wish I had listened, earlier.
Along with the regret of thinking my secrets
the greater of us both, head in hands, I
need you now. I chased you away, revelation
leveling me. -- Come back, flawed woman.
The house of me cannot stand without you
holding the walls of my own unspoken past.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2011 --

1 comment:

Anonymous said... i need you

i need the friction of your diction; the soft surge, blend of words, not mingled tones; the hard edged interjections; that flick of wit thrown from parched lips, licked smooth, waiting for come back; being stilled; taking in the meaning; holding the weight of you...inside

bend; yield fighting; i am who i am; the stains affected...yet all is white; in this bright darkness, i am listening; flickers of light touch on the surface of me, i am glistening;... see how i need you to need me