Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Fourth Thought

The Fourth Thought

Looking across to where she sat he thought several things.
Firstly, that surely the intention was a world without options.
A walk-in closet of many garments, and she chose this to stun my planet.

Secondly, his tie knot was off. He went for the windsor, ended in an ascot.
He wanted to cover the wattle. But now he looked frumpy, sure of it.
He was sure.

Then he imagined her lover, wondering how such a man could deserve her.
Had he also seen her sleeveless arms like this? From this angle?
[What single thing from my current vantage point could possibly be unique?]

Yet he gazed, when he could do so. She swizzled her drink.
Lecherous. How he would hate for anyone to think him so.
She holds someone within those sleeveless arms, his fifth thought.

She set some money down, gathered her things, and left.
He returned then to his fourth official thought, which was this:
I am very lonely. I am quite a very lonely man.

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