Monday, September 02, 2013

Silverside Castle

Silverside Castle

We both knew that it was only a legend. A myth. Yet we bought the map at a place called Armagh's Revenge and thought what-the-hell, there are verifiable monoliths along the way, at any rate.
We both strapped on our hiking boots. Miles through forest. And several places where falling would not be the thing to do. Hand-holding. Branch-slapping. 

Kicking rocks to see how far we could watch them tumble. And the odd waterfall.
But it was when we rounded that one corner, trees to one side and nothing on the other. If your grip on my arm would have allowed me to pinch you with the hand at the end of it, I would have done so.
But you pre-empted me. "Jesus," you said. "It's real."

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