Saturday, November 02, 2013

Whales Were Talking

Whales Were Talking

Who knows where dreams come from?
During last night's feature film, offstage me
was clutching a pillow -- probably sweating.
Eyes darting under the lids. Even in sleep,
trying to understand something.

Onstage, two gargantuan beasts floated.
The grace, like two candle flames in a world
where fire cannot live, swam.
I heard every strange oscillation, last night.
Only later, waking, did I interpret the message:

We expend our entire lives in an attempt
to stay as far away as possible
-- [pause]
from anything that is in need of -- [twirl…]
a geographically determined alphabet --
-- [dive] to communicate, one with another.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2013 --

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Anonymous said...

‘Place a whale with a head
next to a dolphin with a tail
and watch how they try to communicate.
One mouth opens for another mouth
One tongue is the chair
the other a handful of hair,
and look,
look how together they climb on the stair rail….’
An expansion to your thoughts?! I am NOT done yet, but this whole situation with the hundreds of migrants/refugees who keep drowning in the Mediterranean has affected me deeply. So deeply, that I had a nightmare last week.