Friday, December 12, 2014

The Sad Part Is That I Lived

The Sad Part Is That I Lived

Slitting my wrists would be a bit drastic, perhaps.
But pulling my hair out definitely presented itself.
The foyer of my mind a battlefield of malapropisms.

Just this once I wanted to say the right thing to you.
Houdini could not have engineered a better set-up.
The elevator doors closing in. No viable escape.

Two armies in disarray falling all over their comrades
I pulled the grenade pin -- You smell so soap-scented.
10 -- 9 -- 8… It's merely lime hand lotion, you said.

Fumbled in your purse for something you do not need.
Gave a smile. The doors opened, you were gone again.
Leaving me in no man's land. Between eager and dead.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2014 --

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lysistrata papas said...

Today I finished the Life of Pi,
placed it under the Death of We,
between the Marriage of a tropical jungle with the savage Sea,
inside the Birth of Me,
then parked at the top οf the ceiling
reaching out for some healing
willing to start the Life of Ποιεῖν.
‘When Pi meets Π’