Saturday, May 07, 2016



What does it mean to stay true to such a word
that should itself be in dire need of a lawyer?
Nowhere else in the dictionary is such lack of
control in evidence. In one sense, your neck
snaps - this entirely upon the opinion of others.

In another, you alone know what is the truth.
Yet you will lay your head on the block for it.
Surely the difference will cause the monarch
to not reach Mexico on time, to not find the tree.
The sun to rise in the west. Rain to fall upwards.

Geese to spell another letter than V flying south?
When you were most sure of yourself, looking up
you saw that the clouds confirmed your resolution.
They formed the very image of your mother's legs
splayed, and you bearing witness upon the world.

None of this will happen when the blade is raised
and with innocence you look down into the bucket.
Justice will never be synonymous, with conviction.
So, to answer the first question, you were justified.
To the second I want you to know - they fly askew.

© Ciprianowords, Inc. 2016

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