Thursday, December 19, 2013

Island of Reason

Island of Reason

There is this line between profligatry, sheer abandon,
wantonness, stupidity, clumsiness -- and reason.
There are as many excuses for skirts as there are men
wanting them shorter. One shouts out, Give me a woman
and I will take another.

That night I watched you dance it all to hell and beyond
with the pilgrim soul in you, intact. You had an anchor.
Every freckle of you calling me to that Island of Reason.
The place where foolishness hits a reef -- crosses the line.
Planting its flag.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2013 --

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Anonymous said...

I’ve memorized all the waves racing to the sand,
I’ve memorized the seagulls being pushed by Poseidon’s giant hand,
and I remember awakening in Odysseus’ island,
finding that Penelope has gone to hunt
the insistent suitors who now cry as birds once sang,
and I’ve memorized that too.