Monday, December 23, 2013


In the world of homonyms I challenge you to find one grander than magazine.
Put that one down, and listen to me.
This guy has shot a bunch of people tonight and is out of bullets.
What does he do now? Reloads his magazine.

I have never felt softer feet than yours, just now tonight, on this couch.
There is something about the way you lay back and know it is going to happen.
You think it's relaxing. I think it's hot.
We click on CNN. Jesus Christ -- this guy should have been massaging someone.

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Anonymous said...

Let us never forget the fun...the unbridled and rampant fun of this posting. Even when we are old and gray...Oh wait. We already are, huh?
Feel free to erase this post.

I like you.

Anonymous said...
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