Saturday, April 05, 2014

David Asliver

David Asliver

I've never entertained the changing of my surname.
It would disrespect my father, and his, before him.
I would not do it. But if I had to, for some reason --
a hammock. The Pacific Ocean would come to mind.

Barefoot you swept the dew'ed grass with your toes.
Swayed to and fro as the waves rolled white on sand.
Naming constellations that were to me, a mystery.
Then, as your being focused upon it -- the moon.

You whispered, It is like a sliver in the hand of God.
...My first name means beloved, in Hebrew.
No need to change that, with your fiery gaze upon me.

The crescent of reflected sun in your wide open eyes.

But yes, any magistrate present, handing me a pen
in that moment would find me willfully taking it up.
Signing my new full name on any document --
David Asliver.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2014 --


Anonymous said...

Beloved.... Of course.

Anonymous said...

You must have felt very tired on Sunday evening: a headache maybe? It was me. I was thinking of you, talking about you and your ‘David Asliver’.
When one of our friends saw me smoking the Cohiba( I do not smoke, but a cigar is a luxury I allow myself now and then) suggested that I should accompany it with some exceptional Arturo SANDOVAL(he is coming on the 10th of May) and a Leonardo PADURA’S book he was reading. The book is “The man who loved dogs”, but we started a discussion about the similarities and differences between Padura and Hemingway and which one we prefer; I am a great fan of Hemingway’s “The old man and the sea” and your “David Asliver”. Actually it’s your only poem I always carry with me. So I showed him the poem and he liked it very much. I am also certain that Hemingway with his ‘old Man’ and Saramago with ‘Cipriano’ would have liked it too. You should be proud of your ‘David Asliver’. Really PROUD!
I forgot to tell you that my name is ‘Good News’. Here is some for you: Have a good holiday with lots of fun and inspiration….