Thursday, April 17, 2014

The World According To Carp

The World According To Carp

Twin fins waving below the surface said hello to no one.
He was First Fish. Friend Before Friends.
Elofin, to the Hebrew lung-beings spawned later, from

Oh, praise the Serendiptous Waters wherein these met.
Rarer still, the temperature, that in seeming compliance
let them rub against each other for warmth. For it is said, 

Dripping icicles on land were all that fed the rivers then.

And we, as a result, were the first ever to exist, apart.
Cradled upon happenstance, we found ourselves to be
Our ancestry thus, we modeled the imprint. Just as cold,
repeating the example given. 
Denying as the branches widened, our definite
incestuous beginnings. [Migration does wonders]!
Now we have varied, roamed to such an extent -- well,
gone are the days when we worried about such affinities.

To a fish, we do tend to stay within our species. Usually.
Occasionally there is a mishap, but producing no offspring.

Care is taken to tell only the right story to our progeny.
And that story is that the carp were the first on the scene.
Really, the unanswerable question comes from minnows.

Parents. Those first ones. From whom were they born?

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