Saturday, February 21, 2015

All Trains Are Serious

All Trains Are Serious

Have a good look at the ways we get around.
There is almost no limit to the sudden variations.
Hyphens on a highway say next to nothing about veering.
We just listen to the radio and hope everyone pays attention.
What is a mid-Pacific squall, or even the next big wave, to a ship?
Captains pulling their hair out. Drinks and children overboard.
Let's no one even get into an airplane for God's sake.
Because in the clouds there are not even the hyphens.
Truth is, your neighbor stepped out of bounds while jogging
and was struck dead by that out-of-control horse and carriage.

Then there are trains. And no one can blame the environment.
Admittedly, they are as prone to accidents as anything else.
But seriously -- they were perfectly on course when it happened.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2015 --


Anonymous said...

With poetry, you could explore the modern world in an ambiguous,mysterious way and invite the reader to make his interpretation....

lysistrata papas said...

I have a train
in my brain.
I run less than I think
and express not what I meant to say.

I have an airport
in my heart.
My dreams arrive more often
than they actually depart.
Which one should I take?
The cautious train
or the wondering plane?

Well… Let me put it this way!
I have a strong yearning
to fly up high with the mysterious train,
but I fear that like Icarus,
I would land broken into the Baggage Claim.

HOMAGE to Anna Karenina.