Saturday, May 16, 2015

Every Fifth Line

Every Fifth Line

Feeling that you are the only one.
Knowing that no one understands.
You can do life better than others.
One day I will be recognized as me.

Until then --

People, the normal ones, the stupids
will believe the sun revolves the earth.
That if you sail far enough, you fall.
But for the round shape of your head

all is square.

Hey smartypants! Listen to someone!
We all started out as a human zygote
just this side of a swinging chimpanzee.
And from there, we invented Q-Tips.

All the while --

the very atoms looking into the telescope
might as well be on the comet observed.
Slivers in an arrived ship pulled from a finger.
The problem is our need of pronouns.

we have no shape at all.

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2015 --


Anonymous said...

I see how the 1st verse is the strophe(part od the first argument)and the 3rd is the antistrophe(the other half of the argument). The same connection exists between the
2nd and the 4th verses,but I am a bit concerned about the meter. And I don't like the word "smartypants"!Not very smart of YOU?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I wonder if you have a blog hiding out somewhere in cyberspace. I notice that you have commented several times on this blog. Do you have poetry that others can view?

Poetrypuddle - love your posts. Delighted to see original poetry in this space.