Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hope For Us

Hope For Us

I have been involved in confrontations that left me speechless,
and minutes later, the perfect response formed itself in my mind.
You beat yourself because rightness has never been so right —
the person is still within view — you could catch them if you ran.
Is it even human to cool down and brood in private vindication?

Spin them, let them have it both barrels and you would sleep better.
But they round the corner and are gone. Is this the end of it now?
No. Truly, if your vitriol were to be seen in time-lapse photography,
the initial sentence is now morphing into indented paragraphs.
There is even a dedication page before your essay of recrimination.

This may be nature, but not human nature. Not the way things work.
If you are in doubt, think of how many times your perfect response
was best left unsaid, and your enemy un-spun. Your best thoughts
not at the top of your head. Your clenched fist unyielding because
it still thought it was clinging to a vine. We’re still evolving.

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