Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welcome to poetrypuddle!

There's only one thing better than a puddle.
And that's two of them.
Or three of them.
Welcome to poetrypuddle!
In the days ahead, I will be posting, in periodic installments, my ongoing attempts at poetry.
I believe that life, LIVING, is poetry. Is poetic.
That is to say, there is nothing that cannot be put to words. Yes, it will most of the time be inadequate. Will not express, what was, or what is.
But the times that it comes close... this is poetry.
That's what poetry is all about. Capturing the moment.
Not in a cage. But in a puddle.
My hope is that the occasional poem, placed here, will burst its own boundary, and spill itself into your life. Or will, like rain on a window, find the path of least resistance, and slide its way down the pane of who you are.
As it did to me, when I wrote it.
-- Cip


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