Saturday, October 26, 2013

This Is The Answer

This Is The Answer

I dreamed minutes ago, the edge of a cliff.
A river below was a thread. Mountains in the distance.
Blue, and a few cows. Specks. Why would cows be there?
No pasture anywhere. Yet, cows -- as they graze.

I dreamed minutes ago, the edge of a cliff.
Shoreline, a girl was walking. Looked up to where i was.
Surf, and a few seagulls. Why did she look up just then?
No reason to do so. Yet, she turned her gaze.

I dreamed, minutes ago, the edge of a cliff.
Same night, all of this. Same promontory.
Pterodactyls cackled now. What were they in search of?
I could not answer that question. They floated away.

I dreamed, minutes ago, it seems. The edge of a cliff.
Rocks shimmied under my feet. I am falling at this point
and half way down I pass by God who is blurting as if mad
Fool! The true dream is the second one. Wake to it, today!

-- © Ciprianowords, Inc. 2013 --

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