Monday, October 29, 2018



I would love to see a Neanderthal staring at an iPhone XR.
That would be such a great shot for my latest Instagram.
Maybe he or she would use it to carve through some sinew.
Bash it against the cliff face, and throw it into a cavehole.
Reception was always bad out here anyway. 

I would love to see a stegosaurus eating dinner, glancing 
sideways at the "funk" [default] sound of an incoming text.
Tripped a bit to the right but regained himself... kept eating.
Glanced upward as a pterodactyl passed, swatting away an
evolving human as the latter raised a rough-hewn dagger.

I would love to see a student, of any kind, enrolled anywhere
that could sit in a Starbucks for three minutes, and you know
that their parents have all of their fingers and toes crossed,
hoping against hope that their children know something,
about anything -- I would love to see that person ----

switch off their devices devoted to the attainment of stupidity,
turn to their friend with the highlighter on auto-pilot, and say
in the most diplomatic of tones, "Listen.... 
I've only got one shot  at this thing. Please quit talking.
Please shut your shit off, or we are going to be dinosaurs again." 

© Ciprianowords, Inc. 2018


Isabella K said...

Ah, remember when we were dinosaurs? I've missed you, Cip! Glad to see you active again.

Cipriano said...

Thank you, Isabella.