Sunday, October 10, 2021

From Within A Book


From Within A Book


Day and night is the same here, unopened.

Holding my breath I hear footsteps stopping.

A release of pressure, someone’s been chosen

But not me -- my shoulders relax.

The pressure returns, my comrade replaced.


A tapping on my spine, then, hesitance – silence.

Gripped at the head I fall backwards, and spun ‘round

Exult at being held.

Years since feeling fingers on the back of my jacket

…They are there now. I shine upward.


Being of interest is to be yanked apart in the middle

-- So I am. No, do not, dear eyes, take me out of context, so!

But this is the process. I am elevated, up, up, leaves fluttering

Hoping to not be re-shelved.


Darkness returns and the footsteps resume 

But now I am swinging along with them.

God, may I not be tossed aside and forgotten.

Compel this reader, this one, to begin at the start.

-- Let me reveal to them all that I know.


© Ciprianowords 2021

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soph said...

I like it.
More, please.